Monday, October 19, 2015

Short shopping gateaway

Hello everyone,
been away for few weeks, October is kinda hectic for me, well early October I mean.
Hahaha been away to Penang, Malaysia just few days ago.
Gonna show you my makeup routine as I said on my Instagram earlier this morning that I would post the products that I've used on my pic, well.. on the next blogpost! *teehee*

Nah first of all, back to my trip to Penang! :D
Would you like to see what I've got there?
Oh GOD, believe me this was the first time I spend a lot of money in just 3 days 2 night only for MAKEUP. Crazy..
So here it is!!!

 BOOM! :D 

The High-End products so far..
Got that DIOR skin nude air liquid foundation in shade number 010, and I super LOVE IT!!!
The texture is not so thick but still covers, and they smells so.... damn good! :)
And also got Guerlain Meteorites Perles, well my mom bought it for me.. or maybe I bought it for myself -___-
I can't tell cuz my mom holds all my money, and I just spend it.. over and over.
I bought about 1500++ MYR (it's about 5 million rupiahs , but I don't know how much it left.
And got to try that MUFE skin equalizer in small size.

This is SEPHORA universal IT palette in NUDE!
Trust me it is so pretty in real, and the important thing is that this palette is pigmented.
So it's definitely not a loss to get this palette!
(Well it's kind of 11:12 with NAKED 3 I guess, but it's more affordable than naked.)
And also got the duo brush, and brown eyeliner too.

And FINALLY got the Yves Saint Laurent RPC number 01, the last minute shopping at the Airport duty free HAHAHAHA! I guess I am lucky, indeed!
The first time ever NOT SHOPPING for clothes or shoes -__-

And thank God I got an amazing parents who never leave me behind HAHAHA :')
Here's my travel partner for 3 days, they're all super tired just to let me go haunt for some makeup.
From here and there, and keep moving from mall to mall, from 10 am to 10 pm.
Can't thank enough :')

My uncle, mom, and daddy.
 Pad Thai
 Tom Yum Noodles
 For only 10 thousand rupiahs you GOT the 2x size from DAILY FRESH. wth

 abalone sushi DA BOMB!!
The Mc'Donalds is more cheaper than Indonesia, for real.

 weird looking seafood sampler *it's not that yummy tho*

KFC is da BOMB in penang!!!
Cheesy wedges ohmygawddddd :')

Some pictures below was all taken by my dad!
My personal holiday amateur-photographer *LOL*

 This is how I manage him to stand on position while I arranged the angle before he took a pic of me

 SURABAYA (how lovely)

Let's end it with my fave Asian Dolce Latte

So this was the end of the post!
Hope you enjoy reading & looking at those tons of pics..
I'll be catching up with you guys soon as I promised you to listed the products that I've used in instagram photos that I've uploaded yesterday morning! :)


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