Thursday, October 27, 2011

1 more hour!

Hello everyone, so today is oct'27 23.00..
And almost oct'28!!
It means only an nour before my BIRTHDAY!!
Happy or not? lol
Sound silly, but i do love birthday, especially it comes to my birthday!
Youv've got presents, angpao, cakes, and wishes from family, friends, bestie, even strangers :p

Of course a lot of people is so happy to get it all
Especially when they got what they want!
And yeah me too, i was wondering there's someone could give me something i wanted for so long..
I want a tons of new bags and shoes!! Hahahaha
Yeah that's sound ridiculous.No no i'm just kidding you guys :p

I just want to be someone's number one.. LOL
Desperate? No no, not at all!
I was thinking about who's going to call me at 12 am just to say "happy birthday!"
And looked back at 2 years ago, i was suprised by someone who's calling me!
Pity me, i'm still wanting him..
But. No for sure, i already moved on!
And now i'm happily single! ;)

So, what's your big wish for your special day?
Let me know even if it sound silly ;)
Bye now ;)

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