Monday, October 10, 2011

Room Tour, beauty spot !

Welcome to my beauty corner!
(actually, it's not the REAL corner, because my mom doesn't bought me a makeup table yet)
so I do my make up in my computer's table! lol

take a look!

zoom out!

my beauty cases and contact lenses etc

my acc, bangles, rings, boxes, etc

cute little drawer for my hair acc & accesorries etc

major cuteness, hello kitty and marie the cat!

my RINGs collections!

bangles, braceletes, pearls, watches, etc

leather stuffs, cross pearl double necklace (from my bestie!)

beauty stuffs

inside my cases ! false lashes, glue, lipglosses, blush, powder, etc

my perfume collections!

zoom out!

my stacked earrings!


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