Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend on the GO makeup!

what's up everyone!
okay, it's 12a.m and still wanted to post a new blog lol
so let's straight to the point ;)
this was basically I do my makeup on weekend
i used to take some pictures after putting on my makeup
and here's the pictures! (please ignore if you SPOT pimples :p)

Ultima face primer
Maybelline mineral BB cream
Maybelline Powder Foundation in Natural
Maybelline Loose Powder

The Body Shop concealer number 2
Oriflame Under Eyes concealer in Gold
Oriflame Duo Eyeshadow in Black-White (i use the white for highlight the browbone)
The Body Shop Quadruple eyeshadow (brown)
Maybelline Magnum Mascara (black)
Maybelinne gel liner in black
Drugstore brow pencil (light brown)
Drugstore eyeliner pencil (black)
Sephora white eyeliner pencil
Sephora Eyeliner KOHL 24hr (black)

Revlon nude
Revlon vitamins

as you can SEE !
I'm a huge fan of maybelline lol
don't know why tough :p

let's end up this post and prepare for a new topic soon! ;)
xoxo, Lia

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