Friday, October 26, 2012


Hello everyone,
hahahaha I guess you're now thinking about my blog title above right?
I got this words from my friend Gabriella yesterday, as you remember that my birthday is on this October 28.
I'm going to 20 !!!! *wtf*
Yea I'm old enough now *cough*
 Remember that last year I'm just updated my blog with "Happy Birthday to me" #lol

How pity, I'm 20 and single. Okay okay, you may laugh now. I broke up with my boyfie last month, the reason? It's personal, not for public.

I admit that I'm still kinda upset sometimes, since he was my first boyfriend, but life goes on right?

I was wondering that I could spent my birthday this year with someone special, but it fades away now. 
What can I do? I do my best to keep this relationship, but what can I do if God wants it differently. *sob*

So yea back to the first topic, Twen-Teen is just another meaning of Twenty and Teenager. You know that twenty is not so YOUNG wtf.
She said that we're still young, so she change "Twenty" to "Twen-Teen". hahahahahahaa

I guess yea we're still young and free but not wild. #lol
YOLO! do what makes you happy ;)

Ah, happy eid al-adha to those who celebrate it :)
And, RIP to those goats and the cows. How sad.. 


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