Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week of Pleasure

Hello everyone..
Last week my friend Steffy is coming back to hometown from Singapore, she had a holiday and today she's already on plane and back to Singapore :(

Okay, Steffy is my friend since we're still in Junior High, but we're close since in Senior High, during SHS period, she's one of my close friend until now, even she's studying abroad. Oh I miss those chit-chat conversation during classes steff! :)

It sucks really, I will miss our "FUN" time together..
It's more than a week I guess,
We're going to club, karaoke-ing, hang out together for a week straight!
What a great time..
And to be honest *LOL* promise y'all didn't laugh,
it's my first time going to club in Surabaya *wtf* 

Remembering that I'll be 20 this Oct'28, at least let me know the atmosphere of the night club. *trololololl* 

So, here's some picture of us having fun together in a week..

 Saturday, 13.10.2012 - Capital & M1
 From Left to Right: *bottom* Della - Lia - Wulan  *up* Steffy -Levinna - Vero
  From Left to Right: *bottom* Della - Lia - Wulan  *up* Steffy -Levinna - Vero - Winda
  From Left to Right: *bottom* Della - Lia - Wulan  *up* Steffy -Levinna - Vero - Winda
  Levinna - Steffy - Lia

Monday, 15.10.2012 - Pisa Cafe
 Devi - April - Steffy - Lia - Lianata
 Lianata - Lia - Steffy - April - Devi

Tuesday, 16.10.2012 - Ciputra World-NAV
Chesoen - Villy - Ferry - Alvin - Evan - David - Steffy - Lia - Christian - Joshua - Andyka

Friday, 18.10.2012 - Capital & M1
 Winda - Lia - Steffy - Dellz - Nadya
Lia - Steffy - Della

 Nadya's bf - Nadya - Christian - Winda - Chesoen - Alvin - David - Lia - Steffy - Della
  Nadya's bf - Nadya - Christian - Winda - Chesoen - Alvin - David - Lia - Steffy - Della
 Della - Winda - Lia - Steffy
  Andyka - Christian - Chesoen | Alvin - Winda - Lia - Steffy - David
 Andyka - Christian - Chesoen | Alvin - Winda - Lia - Steffy - David
 Alvin - Lia - Steffy - Winda
Chesoen - Lia - Steffy - Alvin - Winda - Christian - David

The Last Night (Saturday, 20.10.2012) - Capital & M1
Lia - Steffy
Vero - Steffy - Lia
** Sorry, we missed the photo session during in M1, it's too crowd inside and we choose to left earlier and go to Mc'Donalds. #lol **

Thankyou for a wonderful week Steff :)
Have a safe flight, seeyou in January'13 !
Will miss ya..



  1. Aww, im so touched to read your blog. well, at first, I was just curious about what exactly meant by your MR.XXX. then along the way, I discovered that you were actually kinda involved in the emotional after-breakup-situation here. HA HA HA. oh honey, you deserve better! please, bear that in mind.
    Moving on, i did miss our unforgettably moments captured when i was in Surabaya. im homesick now to be frank. :( :( i miss the fun, the laughter and the curcol we had. ugh screw me.
    it took me by surprise, I didn't know that you would write my name in it. i have to admit that it feels really good to have such an amazing friend putting up my name in their blog.

    i miss you too, BABY!

    p.s: you will find someone much better than him honey. you just need a time to think and move on with your complicated 'past' life. Remember, TIME HEALS EVERYTHING. you gotta be patient and let it move pass you. :) jiayou. you can do it babe!

    1. Omg, baby I'm so touched! :')
      It's amazing that you have time to check out my blog remembering that you're busy with your study, well it's not that interesting though, but I'm happy that you already read it. Hahaha.. I never wondered that one of my friend would read it and leave a comment too, aww :')

      I'm so surprised, aaaa I think I'm gonna cry hahahaha.. Yeah darl, I admit that I am mentally break down these days, I barely don't know who I am, weird, but no wonder, I don't have to say it, you already know why right? *Sigh* If that really possible, I would die for a sec just to forget it all. It sucks, really.

      Goshh! I really miss our weekend together for couple weeks ago baby. Hope to see you soon, and thanks for being my sharing-partner lately, I'm so grateful to have you guys, including you and winda, eventhough I'm not that close with winda before, but she really took care of me these day, just like my own sister, oh I'm so happy if you both were my real sisters! LOL

      Move on? I will babe, but it take some time and of course support needed from y'all. Ah I missed you!
      Thankyou for being so good to me.. :)
      Love you, xoxo ♥