Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Lips review

Hello everyone,
so today I'm back with some review on product that I bought online from my friend.
It's called BABY LIPS.
You may heard a lot about it on the online shopping.
It's kind of lip balm, lip tint, yeah something like that.
Here's the picture..

Familiar or not?
This is the commercial picture of baby lips..


And here's my own lips LOLOLOLL!

Okay, picture number 1 I'm not wearing any of the product, basically my natural lip is pink.
Picture number 2, using baby lips.
Picture number 3 I applied the baby lips twice.

The truth is that the color didn't pop-out like the commercial pictures, it's more softer than it looks. Well I used the red color, because my friend told me that the red one is much prettier than the pink one. I recommend you to use your lip balm first, because this baby lips isn't moisturizing your lips so much. The texture is creamy, and so soft.

I applied it three times so the color will popped out, and yeah I admit, my lips are now looks so kissable LOLOLOLL! :D
Here's my full face picture using baby lips..

 wearing my fave Kenzo tee

Seeyou in another post soon fellas


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