Sunday, November 17, 2013

Definitely not my year.

Hello everyone,
oh really I am so so so sorry if I have to whine a lot lately.
Let me tell you what happen last night.
how come? okay, I'll tell you here..

So, last night was  my bff's birthday party at M1 Superclub, okay, you may know that club from my old post right? I'm one of party-animal at M1 lately. Sorry, didn't mean to be a party-animal but what can I do? OK, skip from that thing.
I was invited to attend her birthday, lets say it's Tika's Legal birthday which mean she's turning 21. I totally enjoyed the party much. BUT didn't last longer, I admit I'm a little bit drunk, just a little bit, still I can stand with my two feet okay. Then when I want to leave, I see my clutch bag is opened, then I searched for my iphone and it's GONE. WTF!! I didn't know who took it.
The last time I touch it was the time when we're taking some pictures, but the result is too bad, well you know that 4s's camera isn't as good as S4 okay.
Then I put it back to my clutch bag, which mean during the party I didn't touch my phone at all. Oh SHIT, I really really goin' crazy last night. When I realize that my phone is gone, my face is like...

OH I never imagine this day, where I have to lost my phone, the one that took years to get.
And it's gone only within minutes, fuck.
Now I've been using my super big iPad, well I'm using BBM and line there.
Oh yeah, cmon laugh at me.
But everything happen for reasons right?
Maybe I'll got the better one soon, the good one I think.
Amen.. And glad that my parent's not mad at me.
Really feel sorry about that mom & dad. -___-"

And you know, i'm pissed off. WHY?
Okay let me explain with Indonesian ok?
Pergi ke club because I wanna have some fun, I need a refreshments, but what I got is totally out of control, iphone kesayangan hilang, dan itu sudah cukup merusak malam mingguku. shit.
I barely think that 2013 is really NOT MY YEAR at all. Why?
Let's see what happen back then, oh no no I don't wanna tell it again. Please be sure to read my old blog okay?
Oh I really wish 2013's gonna end very very soon!!!! :(

End of post, I wish it would never happen again twice...


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