Friday, November 29, 2013

Glowing face

Hello everyone,
First of all, happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it in USA, and happy black friday! :D
Today I'm gonna blogged about how to do your makeup to look glowing, of course with an very affordable price of makeup stuffs, I am mostly using a drugstore makeup than the branded one, cus just to let you know, my skin are so sensitive, you know I've tried to use chanel, and guess what, my skin become dry wtf. Let me say that not every expensive makeup suits your skin, just because it's expensive, doesn't mean it's good for your face or skin, or whatever.
So, don't ever look into the price, but the effects, because an inexpensive one sometimes not so bad to your skin though. :)

Here's the picture of me, of course with my full makeup on my beautiful skin *LOLOLOLL!*
C'mon take a look!

Sorry for the warm lighting!
But still glowing enough right?
Okay, here's the product I've used & I'll give some reviews about the stuffs..

MAX FACTOR CC Cream (Fair) :
The consistency is watery, but still it covers your skin perfectly, I love it because your skin (if you're oily) looks matte, it's like they have an oil control or something.
(Bough it for AUS$ 19.90 : Rp. 200.000,-)
And you know what, they're now launching it in Indonesia, and you can get it for Rp. 130.000 and it's on promotion launching sale for 40%, so you can get it for Rp. 70.000++ wtf!)

MAYBELLINE Foundation Powder (Natural) :
I've been using this since I'm still sitting on high school, I love this powder because it really covers your dark circle, but still use your concealer if you want to cover more of your dark circles.
(Bough it for Rp. 34.900,-)

SILKY GIRL eyebrow pencil (dark brown) :
It's so cheap and the color popped out, see those pictures above, you can find it on local drugstore (in Indonesia).
(Bought it for Rp.17.500,-)

NYX Mosaic powder blush (Highlight & Love) :
I fell in love for the first time I bought it, really, you should try it yourself, I bet you'll love it too, the color is pigmented. Highlight is for highlighting your nose, cheekbones or browbones, etc), Love is an tangerine color, which I use on the apple of my cheek as well.
(Bought it for Rp. 145.000,-)

SEPHORA Makeup Academy Palette (Eyeshadow & Lipstick) :
Been trying this awesome palette ever, the eyeshadows & the lipsticks is truly pigmented, I'll let you know if I use the eyeliner gel soon.
(Bought it for SGD 69.)

REVLON Color Stay Eyeshadow :
I love the brown color, it's pigmented, and the color is awfully beautiful. See? :)
(Bough it for Rp. 60.000,-)

REVLON Color Stay Lipgloss :
I never really use any lipglosses since it makes my lips dry, but this beautiful color really stole my heart, and of course it contains glitter. You know I love any blings thingy.
(Bough it for Rp. 59.000,- on sale)

SEPHORA Sundisc Bronzer :
I've been using it since 2 years ago, and I love the soft brown color. I use it to shape my cheek and  my nose.
(Bough it for MYR$ 26)

MAX FACTOR Panstik :
I use it for contouring & shaping my jaw line, and of course highlighting my face. The consistency is thick but watery, you can use it to conceal your blemishes, darkspots, or use it as eye primer. (You can skip this if you're not really sure to use it)
(Bought it for Rp. 70.000,-)

MAC fake lashes & some other local brand fake lashes.
(Bought it around Rp. 3000 - 7000,-)

MAYBELLINE Rocket Volume mascara :
It really don't smudge, as you can see on youtube, and it lengthen & volume your eyelash as well.  
(Bought it for Rp. 70.000,-)

Oh not to forget, I'm now working as a MUA (Makeup Artist), if you want to be pretty with me, I also open for makeup course, for more informations & booking inquiries do contact me at:
Line           : lia_octaviani
BBM          : 7496709C
E-MAIL     :
PM             : 0838 9789 1992
(Surabaya or Indonesian only)

And that's all I can share, let me know if you're using one of those stuffs above & leave some comments! :)
I'll see you guys in the next post soon!


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