Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to avoid common beauty mistakes

Beauty blunders plague even the pros but thankfully many of them are pretty easy to avoid. BeutifulShoes has prepared advice from two leading names in the beauty industry – Cinta London and NatalyaNair.
1. Too much blusher
Unless you are aiming for the “Russian doll” look, blusher can be tricky. According to Cinta London a quality brush is of greatest importance since it’s job is to glide across your cheeks and distribute the blusher evenly. Another thing to remember: it is easier to build up colour than take it off.

2. Heavy eyebrows
Eyebrows are critical for your whole look so before trying the heavy eyebrow look, make sure you won’t look ridiculous. Cara Delevingne may look gorgeous, but try not go too far. A small angled brush and an eyeshadow which matches your natural hair colour are the best tools to ensure you don’t go too heavy.

3. Smudged mascara
The best way to avoid smudged mascara is to clean your wand in a tissue before applying it. This simple but effective tip comes from another big name in the makeup industry – Natalya Nair- a makeup artist on the X-factor. 

4. Lipstick on the teeth
We all hate it but let’s face it – it does happen sometimes. Would you believe us if we told you you can avoid it simply by placing your finger inside your mouth when you are done with the lipstick and then pulling it out slowly? No? Well just give it a try – Natalya Nair can’t be wrong. 

5. Covering spots
Spots are nasty. However, we still need to deal with them. According to Natalya, instead of covering them with an ordinary foundation or concealer, it’s best to look for products with a matte finish, as they cover the spot perfectly and you’ll be the only one to know about it!


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