Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bachelorette Party

Hello everyone,
Here we go again with another party celebration.
It's bachelorette party on November'30, and it's happening!!
My friend Chrysella just got married yesterday, 11.12.13, sorry for the very lack of post guys, kinda busy preparing for my final exams soon on February. :(
She celebrate it at Platinum Grill, which a very romantic place to have dinner. I promise I will visit that place once again.
Me and my ganks, which is called XNP, gives her a wedding dress cake & set of lingerie. And it's HOT PINK as her fave color of course *lol*.
Not saying much, but here's some picture of us that day,
check it out!

her post on instagram

Wishing you have a happy & joyous marriage life sela!!
We love you..

End of post! :)

See you in her wedding post soon!
Of course with tons of pictures~


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