Thursday, December 26, 2013

Feliz Navidad

Hello everyone,
first of all.. MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 to all of my readers!!!
Ah time flies really fast isn't? I still remember last year I'm spending it at the church while this year I celebrate it at Jakarta. Well nothing special, but grateful that I could spend another year healthy and joyous.

So, I've been on trip in few days at Jakarta, well this is my first time (or maybe second time) going to Jakarta. HAHAHA you may laugh now. Well I've once going to Jakarta when I was 3, how can I remember anything? lol.

And get another trip to Bandung as well, but not too special, and I'm not so interested to go to Bandung in the first place. Culinary? Yes! And now I'm a little FAT. Damn. :(

So here's some picture I've taken while in Jakarta & Bandung.
Take a look!

 happy holiday
 massive crowd at 5 a.m
 ready to go!!
 first lunch korean food
 my super pretty & gorgeous young aunty on her wedding day!
 makeup of the day
 mother's day!
 breakfast at Aston Hotel, Kuningan.

 HOT milo on windy day, Bandung.
Durian Ice Cream YUM!!
 pork pork pork

So that's the end of post.
I'll catch up with you guys soon!! :)


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