Friday, December 13, 2013

Wedding Day

Hello everyone,
well here is the next post!
So, as I told you before, yesterday was my bff's wedding day, it's on 11.12.13
The party is take place at Pakuwon Imperial Ballroom 1, it's on West Surabaya.
The theme party is like Tiffany & Co. color. Can imagine it right?
SO, I don't have to say much, here's the super massive pictures taken yesterday!
Check it out..


And here's some selca with the bride!!!!
Me and my friend Gaby have waited for more than a half hour to have this pic!

 smooch smooch

 stupid face LOL
last selca before going home

Oh I really can't believe that you're now a MARRIED woman,
dude I feel like we're still freshly graduate yesterday LOLOLOLL!
I wish you had a great new family, happily & joyous marriage, hurry have a mini xnp member. *hahaha*
Oh shit he/she would call us aunty. oh my..
End of post! :)

God bless you & your new little family..


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