Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another blessed new year

Hello everyone,
so today was the last day of 2013!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 readers..

Well, this would be my last post in the end of 2013.
2013 was a tough year (for me), but I'm glad that I can go through this year with the ups & down, 2013 was full of lessons, filled with good or bad things that happened, meeting new people, some may good & some may not, having another activities, full of drama each day, and all you can do is to survive each day hoping that someday it'll worth the fight.
But I'm still thanking God for another year to cherish, to love, and to live. May this be the good end & be the joyous beginning of the new year. Leave the past and be ready to face a new year, new you. 2014, I'm so ready!!

And for the new year present from me,
I'm gonna share you guys my makeup that I was doing for new year, it's kinda smoky, but it's pretty!

Well kinda bored 'cus I didn't go anywhere this new year and just stuck at my room desperate watching THE HEIRS & cried my heart out because it's so touching & heart breaking, especially the "broke-up" part, and of course it's because Lee Min Ho, I could keep myself stayed one day full watching 10 episodes in a day.
Here, c'mon take a look..

End of post!
Have a joyous & blessed new year!!


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