Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What hurts the most

Hello everyone,
so here I am with some little chit-chat today,
as I ever repeatedly told you, I prefer writing than saying right, especially when it comes to heart problems. LOL. Oh did you recognize my background music as now? It's bella's lullaby, one of my fave classic song besides river flows in you and kiss the rain, it's Yiruma by the way.
Ok, is it to melancholic? Well let's begin the stories from now.. (Did I sounds like a story teller? lol)

It's been for a while, oh well few months to correct, I've been partying like an animal, said I'm a party animal now on *gosh can't believe that I said that*, yeah I've been quite seeing and looking around those night life I've been going, I barely think that place is not really the place where I wanna go, I know when you got a heart break, you need some space, well to recover yourself I think, where you can hang with people who've been through the same problems as you are, you know, you're not the only one who got a problem right.

So, I've met this one person, well someone I know for a little while, it's my friend's ex, no need to mention whom or name right, it's kinda private I think. What I wanna tell you is the side of story about someone who've been through things together, who love each other before, who've been stabbed, who've been cheating, and finally regret some things they've done.

When I saw my friend & the ex together, not only me, but all those people who seen them, might think that they're a couple, a lover, oh whatever it called. But well they're not really together, yeah it's a "failed-to-get-over-ex'es" problem. hahahaha ok I've been through that phase too. But, what I'm shock about is when one of my friend asked the ex "are you two dating?"
Guess what the ex's said, "No, we're not." then my friend ask again, "so, who are you?", "I'm the ex." *cough*

I know how hurt is it to say those things, 'cus I've been through that too. lol.
Then I asked the ex, "why broke up?",
The ex's answered "yeah, some privacy problems."
Then my friend asked again, "why didn't you two get back together then?"
"That's not likely to happen, well we could never be together again."
I know that they both still care for each other, but who knows? I only see what I see, but I never know the real feelings of those two.
Well I know that some people could love each other but not meant to be together, that's the sad part.
I wrote this just to let you know, that not only you who've been through this kind of problem, at least 1 or 2% of 100% living person been through that too.
But life goes on, just go with the flow, where your feet leads you, and where your heart feel in a peace.

I didn't mean to whining or anything, but I know how it feels like to feel the way how you really wanted someone to stay, but all you can do is letting them go and choose what they want, even you know, their choices may hurt you more that you could ever imagine.  But what's meant to be, will always find it's way right?

So that's the end of post tonight,
Goodnight everyone...


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