Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hello everyone,
so I'm here today with this kind of title of 20 facts about me, it's so trending by now FYI.
Go check to your instagram and you'll find some (well maybe a lot) of people posting about their own facts. So here's mine.. (well I will post it.. maybe later on instagram but not now)

So here we go starting from the very first fact about me!
1. I was born in Surabaya on October,28' 1992, going to 22 years old in just a month.
2. My favorite snack is french fries, I can eat french fries everyday. Anytime anywhere.
3. I am allergic with some kind of seafood, and always got red spots above my lips, back of my head, on my hands, and always shows in the exact same place if they relapse! :(
4. I can't leave home without EYEBROWS! I will make sure my eyebrows done perfectly before leaving home, even I spent 10 or 15 minutes long just to draw my eyebrows (especially weekend), I could stay on my chair for about 2 hours to look purrrrfffect. And don't ever compare my weekdays and weekend face, it's total different and I know it. My face is my own canvas anyway..
5. I losts total of 24 kilos, and gain 5 kilos back.
6. I get mad easily, and if I do, I will stay quiet. I am kind of person that holds my anger, and if I reached out my limits, I will just BOOM. So be careful.. I am a vindictive kind of person. I will never forget any faults you've done. I pissed of easily, I am temperamental, I'm grumpy, I am sarcastic, I'm cold-blooded, so watch your acts & words.
7. I love deeply, once I love someone, I'll stay in love. No matter how hurt it is, I don't easily fall out of love. Well, it already exists in me, if you love someone, try to be a faithful kind of person, though perhaps your partner isn't kind of a faithful person.
8. I'm a believer of KARMA, you reap just what you sow. So, I am trying to not creating my own karma. Just do good, and be good, so the good will follow you. I know karma does exist and I see it by my self now.
9. I'm a work-a-holic sometimes, especially if it comes to makeup. I once want to be a fashion  of shoes designer while still in junior high, but I dislike sewing. I like drawing. Well I like to design, but I am not interested with tailoring or some kind of that. The time flies, and finally I discovered that I loveee to make womens pretty with makeup. so here I am now being a MUA, well it's not easy as I thought it was. But I love 'em!
10. My first crush was in Elementary school, while I'm still in the 1st grade, oh he's in 5th grade!! hahahahaha :p
11. Once I hate a person, no matter how long it is, I will always hate. I will never ever forget for the rest of my life, and there's no "friendship" word in my dictionary. And if I made ​​friends with people I hate, it's like I'm swallowing my own saliva And I'd be happily die if I am kind of friends with my fuckin' enemies. You can see straight on my face whether I like or dislike someone, it shows on my face! REALLY. I speak harshly, and curse a lot. I had a bad temper. I could make you hate me or love me in just a blink of eye. LOL!
12. I failed to keep promises to myself, that I wouldn't go to nightclubs. and it happened when I was in a state of hurt well.. brokenheart. it sucks you know, I just wanna stop, but still couldn't. Sorry for myself. And still couldn't help about it. I drink a lot, but I always manage myself to not to get drunk, that's why I drive by myself to nightclubs. I will make sure that I'm sober!
13. I am kind of woman that if I dislike someone (read: men) from the first time, I will never give second chances. Just cut it off, and goodbye. Terribly afraid of getting hurt all over again. That's why I'm single for.. well almost 2 years now.
14. I posted quotes with my pictures or selfie on instagram. Those quotes contains what I feel and what I was thinking at that time. So be aware of it.
15. I try to be an independent kind of woman, because my parents told me to be strong, and as possible didn't depend to much to someone. And don't you ever borrow money, or told them you're broke. Because it will make people go far away from you. Just spend money you have without thinking about prestige. A true wealthy people never show you they're rich, never show off their balance to the world.
16. I collect shoes, bags, watches. I got tons of it!
17. I'm a good listener. I listen to everyone chit chat seriously. It's kind of life-lesson. You need to open your mind. Life is too scary if you keep your mind close.
18. I got a terrible insomnia. I could stay awake all night long. I ever had a phone call starting from 10 pm to 7 am. omaigod.
19. If you asked me what's my religion, I would definitely said that I don't know. I just live this way, the important thing is I live well, I pray, I still know what is good and what's not, because I think some of the religious kind people is all a good people. For me worship isn't always about going to church, wherever you are you can pray. I'm not a fanatic to any kind of religion, I didn't said that they're not real, I believe that God, Allah, or Buddha exists. Just because we didn't go to church, doesn't meant that we're bad people. NOTE THIS!!! (no hard feelings, this was just my opinion)
20. I always hold my bear hands when I was going to sleep & turn on my music on my android.

I wasted 2 hours of my time writing this facts bout me, well.. 20 is just NOT ENOUGH to spills some facts about me! I know it's so easy to judge people and so hard to judge myself. hahaha :D write down if you know some facts about me!! :)

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