Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014.

Hello everyone,
so here it is, the end of 2014 in just 1,5 hours to go.
It's been a long long journey to reach up the page 365 of 365.
Through the happy and sad time, through ups and down, yes it's been a beautiful year for me, especially for my career, thank God for guiding me this far.
I've been feeling so down lately (read: frustrated).
Been struggling to beat it, trust me, if you can walk in my shoes, you'll be traumatized for life.
If it's not God who strengthen me during this time, I might be just commit suicide. Haha. Kidding. I'm not that stupid though.

Thankyou for my dearest bestfriend Gabriella who still there to listens to me, especially my super drama and never ending sad love story, I know you get bored of it at times, but thankyou for always there to listen when nobody really there (even sometimes you're gone too). I wish you a long happy life Gab.
And also my bff from elementary school Kartika, who care & listens to my problems eventhough we're not constantly talk to each other or barely hangout together in past a year.

And today I am here, in this really hour, no party, no drinks, no dancing on the dancefloor, not putting on any makeup, just here staring at my laptop and listens to some random musics on playlist.

I wanted to make myself resolutions on 2015, I mean so to-do list. It's hard to-do the task that I've made in past few years. Oh yes everything is in delay to be exact. I promised myself that I WILL DO WHAT I HAD TO DO starting from delayed to-do list 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Okay, so here's my newyear 2015 resolutions :
1. Lose another 5 to 10 kilos (AMEN).
2. Work more harder.
3. Forget everything that hurt me in the past 3 years (almost).
4. Let go of the things that I can't change, if it's meant to be it will be.
5. I'll go and get what I want, not just wandering & think "what if".
7. Getting a new haircut (oh maybe)
8. Give and take.
9. Be smart enough to choose people who stay & need to leave your life, for your own good & own sake.
10. Smart enough to show people what exactly how you feel.
11. Reduce my temper.
12. Reduce partying & reduce drinking too much alcohol too.
13. Live more healthy (I wish).
14. Forgive mistakes but never forget the lesson you get.
15. Forgive any sins I did in past few years.

Well that's a lot, to be continued I guess. :)
I'm wishing you a happy new year 2015
May joy and happiness surround you.
Let's start a new life from page 1 of 365.
Seeyou again in January 2015.


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