Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fresh New Start

Hello everyone,
First of all, happy new year!!
May joy & happiness surround us in this 2015..
As you know, I didn't go anywhere for holiday, yes that's sucks.
But whatever it is, it's passed already, and now it's time to get back to work and make some money. LOL. Eh sorry for this post, I will use both english & indonesian as well. Sorry guys, for those who didn't understand, please open up your google translate for instant. :p

Oh you know what, during holiday back then, I terribly feel so so so lazy (until now I guess), I am so lazy to do anything, including eat, working, and going anywhere (as you know I am the type of person that can't even sit at home for few days), just sitting in front of my laptop, watching movies, surfs the instagrams, and mostly sleep.

Aku ga tau sih why, itu hal yang JARANG sekali terjadi, apalagi buat aku. hahaha. okay, sedikit aneh sih curhat di blog ini menggunakan bahasa indonesia, as you know mostly I use english here, tapi kalau dikehidupan asli, jarang sekali pakai yg namanya bahasa inggris, I mostly use javanese, alias bahasa jawa, maaf ya merusak image, hahahaha. Dan sejujurnya saya punya nada bicara agak kasar dan medok sekaliii, don't expect me punya nada suara yang sok imut dan sedikit bitchy (buatku itu menjijikan sekali dan tidak terlihat berwibawa), I'm kinda boyish. LOL
So, to be honest I don't know what I have to say today, actually I just need a little chat, even there's NOTHING left to say, yet.

Errr maybe a little bit of selfie pic I just took yesterday.
As you know I love to play with makeup stuffs, especially in the middle of the night where I can't even sleep. Oh maybe I took about 15 minutes for doing my face. And also LOVE the fuller looking lips last night!!!! omg :p
So here it is..

And if you're wondering what kind of fake lashes I am using here, it's from Blinkcharm Sweet Classic #1, I am one of the winner of their giveaway. Look at those packaging, it's rudolph and it's super CUTE.

See you in the next post guys!


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