Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Extraction (Removal)

Hello everyone,
oh my god it's February already!!!!!
I know time flies so fast..

Attention: this blogpost contains a disturbing picture of my bloody tooth.

So here's to the point as I said on my blog title, I am having my wisdom teeth extraction, or you could say removal, or odontectomy as their medical name oh whatever..
And I'll show you next my x-ray *lol

You can see the wisdom teeth is supposed to be straight, but mine had grown headed, and it causes my wisdom teeth can't grow out. Oh believe me, this is my first time having surgery (even it's small) still it's SURGERY!! Not to be dramatic here.. But it is less painful now, finally get rid of them. And the doctor is a dental surgeon, which is more expert of my case.

So, I spend at least a month (to get rid of those two), 2 weeks for 1 tooth, and waiting for it to healed then removing the other side. The first one is NOT painful at all when the doctor pull out my tooth, oh well she anesthetized me first before begin to slit my gum.

I don't know what she's doing, but all I know she separates my teeth with my bones, with some kind of bone drill. wohoooo it's a DRILL. Then she cracked my tooth but it doesn't cracked at all, she said that maybe my bones is too strong, and she need to drill it (again and again), so she separates my tooth to 4 pieces (that's creepy).
It takes only about 1 hour, remembering that's just a small surgery after all.

After she finish removes my tooth, she begins to sew my gums back together, and I need to let it healed by themselves. And don't ask me how it looks like, I look fvckin' disgusting, especially 1 day after surgery. My cheek's swollen, really BIG, of fuck I feel like gaining 5 kilos seeing my cheek like that, and my face doesn't look so proportional either.

Wanna see my tooth? hahahahaha oh I didn't took a picture of my first one, so here's my second wisdom teeth..

You may see that's only 3 pieces, but actually it's 4, the other piece is missing. lol
And you know what, the last wisdom teeth are the creepiest, why? the roots is like claws, so technically it's more difficult to extract. But it takes only 45 minutes for the second odontectomy.
Thanks to my dear bff Gaby who helped!!!!! GRAHH I am grateful that now they're GONEEEE :))

Do you spot the yellow bruise under my right cheek?
YES it's because the wisdom teeth extraction.
And the picture below is one day after surgery, SHIT look at that NOT PROPORTIONAL cheek!!!!
So I'm not gonna set it extra large hahahahaha *fvcking disgusting.

This one before going to my second surgery..

After surgery.. omg zombie alert! and you may see the exact difference of my cheeks. lol

Still pretty huh? LOL :p
The second one is much more pain-less that the first one, you know what? I can't barely smile after having my first odontectomy. Crazyyyyy. Hahaha.. I can only eat porridge for day 1 after surgery. After that? I can eat chicken, even beef! Hahaha :D
And for the second time, I only eat porridge for current 2 or maybe 3 days straight. To lose weight of course. Still can't move on with dietary obsessed.

And here's my current situation now (well last saturday) after thoseeee surgeries...

HA maybe I got a little slimmer face after all those removal thingy. :D
So, this is the end of the post!
Leave any comments if you're experiencing some kind of same situation as mine..
Till the next post!!



  1. Thank you so much for this write up. It's been awhile that i have been thinking to remove wisdom tooth. I searched for dentist Mumbai to get the best treatment. I am really concerned about my teeth and want to go through and know as much before taking the big decision.

    1. Hi Nimita,
      first of all thanks for checking up my post here..
      As I said, you better find the expert in this case, because if she/he's not a specialist of dental surgeon, you may experienced the different way as I am, maybe much more worse than I feel.
      The right thing about this surgeries is that you won't feel pain when the doctor anesthetize your gum, well in my experience, she anesthetized me twice, which is first she's kind of spraying some anesthetize in the outside before she inject my gum with another anesthetize.
      And then she waited until my half lips & tongue's numb then she began the surgeries.
      Don't take it too long, just like me, I've been scared to do this for more than a year after the other doctor said that maybe my wisdom teeth might be grown headed (I am scared with needles and surgeries).
      Just get rid of it now because these tooth will someway bothers you sooner or later.
      It's less painful if you took the medicine after going through the surgeries, well maybe when they pulled the thread after a week you will feel a little pain but it's endurable. :)
      Well, may this post helps..
      Good luck!

  2. I'm not sure if you received my comment but last Thursday, about 3 days ago, I got all four wisdoms extracted. I'm on day 4 and my left cheek is STILL swollen and when I feel it, there's like something swollen inside my cheek or idk, I'm sure it's not an infection or anything since I don't have a fever or pain and I am on anti-biotics, but the fact that my swollen-ness hasn't lessened is making me worried! How long until your face returned to it's normal state, LOL?

    1. Hi Rissa,
      oh WOW you did 4 wisdom teeth extractions removal for once?
      I do have 2 wisdom teeth extractions, but I did it once in 2 weeks (so it takes a month), so it wouldn't make you swollen too much, it takes at least a week to it's normal, and still had bruise under the jaw bone, maybe 10 days until the bruise is gone.
      Are you going to the dental surgeon? or just a dental specialist one?
      Some people may had a different experience after having an odontectomy, so I can't say what's wrong, but it is possible that maybe your teeth isn't 100% removed (let's just say there's leftover if your doctor crush your tooth while doing an extractions like mine above).
      But I guess you need to see the doctors again and ask why, or do an x-ray to see whether it's just swollen or there's really an crushed tooth left inside the gum.
      You can compress the bruise area with ice to help eliminate bruising a little.
      Hope this helps! :)

  3. Even with swollen cheeks, you still looked pretty! That wisdom tooth pushing against your other teeth really seemed painful, so I’m glad your surgery was a success! Thanks for sharing, Lia!

    Danyell Aleman @ Woolwich Dental Group

    1. Hi Danyell,
      Thankyou for the compliment! :)
      No it's not that painful, because the doctor already injected me with something like numbing liquid or whatever it names..
      It's my pleasure to share! :)

  4. I was terrified about having my tooth removed. Just scared of the dentist after all these years. After the tip broke I had to get it removed and it was absolutely nothing. The fear was all in my head, technology has changed so much in recent years it was not only painless, he had it out and healing within an hour.

    Mathew Love @ My Raleigh Dentists