Friday, December 12, 2014

White swan

Hello everyone,
so long didn't catch up with you guys.
Been so busy preparing my bro's wedding, oh it's on 14 Dec this week!
Such a hectic week for all of my whole family, been busy preparing our dresses, vendors, foods, invitations, and so on. Oh gosh..
And oh, I just got my first headpiece, well it's an endorse anyway.
It's from my pretty young aunty, her shop name is Liping_bowtique, please kindly check it on Instagram, she sells a lot of headpiece and it's 101% HANDMADE!!
I bet you'll like them as much as I am.
I rarely use any headpiece in a special occasions such family party or friends wedding. I am keeping myself elegantly simple but stand out when it comes about dress up. LOL. And mostly BLACK.
So here it is.. pardon my selfie time :p

Pretty right? Oh thanks :p
The dress is mine which I once wore it at my bff's wedding last year, AND HAPPY it fits perfectly this time, it doesn't fit me right last year. So I am happy!! *ROTFL*
Well I guess I need another new haircut soon. look at that not so fresh haircut.

So that's a little update from me today. :)
If you wonder what products I've used above, go check my old post.
It's still the same products, except the illuminating powder. I use NAKED by Urban Decay.
Review will be posted soon!


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