Sunday, November 11, 2012

Great date, great weekend

Hello everyone,
Did you realize that yesterday is 10.11.2012 ?
How pity, I just realize it in the afternoon #lol

So today (I mean yesterday ah whatever), I just randomly asked my friends where to go, as you remember, when it comes to weekend, I don't wanna miss every single moment on it hahaha We're randomly asked some friends to join us, in the end we're gathered to 10 people more or less.

Unluckily,  my mom & dad caught me still not at home yet at 3 a.m #wtf
My bad, please understand, I didn't promise you both but I'll try my best to not too often going to club, sorry mom&dad.

I am trying to be the old me, it takes time and courage. You know, at the age 20, from teenager to .... *cough* older... seems like I'm on the age of "ababil" alias ABG Labil (in indonesian) hahahahaha

Yeah anyway, I still had some time to blog now days, even I type this at 4 a.m, but still need to blog this..
Thanks for today fellas
I really really had a great time! *smooch*

Pictures coming soon, I had a massive headache now and ready to bed, sorry :( 
Good morning !


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