Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pursuing a Happiness

Hello everyone,
did I told you that a week ago (09.11.2012) my friend Steffy from Singapore are back to hometown again? #lol
I think I forgot to mention it to you. hehe sorry :p

So, she's back after 2 weeks spending her weekend in Singapore, the reason is because her sister got engaged, that's why.. she's back to her lovely hometown here.. #hahaha

As you remember my post on 10.11.2012 (when I got caught going to club #lol). I was there with her of course, ah she's my partner in crime nowdays #LOLOLOLL! Ah I missed our party here, just get back here very soon Steff ;)

Here's some pictures of us hanging out together
Check it out! :)

Capital - M1 (10.11.2012)

NAV - Happy Garden (13.11.2012)
 Ferry, Kevin, Stevie, Winda, Della, Lia, Steffy, Chesoen, Alvin
  Ferry, Kevin, Stevie, Winda, Della, Lia, Steffy, Chesoen, Alvin

#wtf, this is real candid -__-"

Ah, please ignore my puffy eyes, I didn't have any preparation that day, I just got home from supermarket with my mom. I didn't know that we'll karaoke-ing at CW. (my very first time not using makeup at cw #lol)

Ah I really have FUN that day! :-* 
Can't wait to see you again, Steff !


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