Friday, November 16, 2012


Hello everyone,
You may wonder why my title above is "DANKE".
Danke means thank you in Germany.
I just want to say thank you for my friends, my bff, and my 2nd brother too.
During brokenheart-period lately, I was quite emotionally different nowdays. But don't worry, I'm still a girl named Lia. hahaha (Please ignore my weird sentences & not so funny-joke above #lol!) 
I miss the old me to be honest, me who doesn't want to go to the club, me who's coming home early on weekend, me who know what's right and what's not. I just feel like I barely don't know who I am. I'm totally out of control. BUT, one thing you should know and to make it straight, I admit that I'm going to the club, I drink a little but I'm not drunk, but definitely NO cigarettes at all! So, don't think that I'm a smoker, 'cuz I'm not, okay?

Okay, back to the topic.
I would like to thank my friends and my bff, who always be there when I need them the most, to those who cheer me up, to those who invites me to have a party #lol, to those who spend a little quality-time with me, I'm so thankful and blessed to have you guys.

And so, I would like to secretly thank my 2nd brother, eventhough he didn't say anything, but I know that he care for me, remembering that I'm his one and only one lil-sister. I was surprised when he ask where the hell I am, 'cus I'm still not at home yet at 3 a.m, I'm surprised 'cus my friends tells me that maybe he's here (at club) and caught me there. 
I was like... die for a moment. 

Okay let me get this straight,
I know everyone had that someone who broke her/his heart, and barely some of them can go through it, they need time and some friends to mend their broken heart, you know time heals everything right? So, just go with the flow.  :)

You don't have to rush, the more you try to forget, the more you couldn't.

Ha I remember Adele's "Someone Like You" lyrics, and I know y'all already remember it for ages!

You know what, if you really love someone,
you can't hate them even they hurt you lots of time, that's why you ever hear this sentences "Love is Blind"
but, yeah.. life goes on anyway. #hahaha (no wonder why am I this melancholic these days, ah maybe because yesterday (15.11.2012) is the 2nd month of my current status as single lady #trololololl, but promise I can go through this :-*

As a human, you can plan but only God  who can set our fate. 
So, just place your life, your heart on His hands, and let Him do the rest. :)

 "Someday I would.."

Remember that I used to hate that place back then, and would never go to that place in Surabaya. But, what can I do, you know someone who's mentally cracked can do anything that temporary stupid right? I have no idea why am I like this. But now I feel so bad, I make my parents worry, my brothers too, my bff's too.

I am so sorry for my stupidity. :( 

I feel the difference by now, just because yesterday (I mean Saturday), I caught up going to the club with my friends, now I have to tell my mom, my bro, my bff where am I going, with who am I going, bla bla bla.. *sigh!* Yeah I know,  that's my fault..  

"Well, that's my mistakes, not yours, so relax dude.."

I really wish I could go back to the old me instead me on 20.
Me who's having a good-life instead me who have a lot of bad-habit. 
I believe that people change as time goes by,
but I wish I changed to the good-side, not the bad-side. Amen.

Wish me luck then! :)

(I'm a little bit obsessed with Adele, so I use her gifs a lot *lol)


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