Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Late Greetings

Hello everyone,
sorry for the super late post lately.
Kinda busy with some things, well I can't say what it is, but yeah.. it's more personal.
So maybe I'll tell you guys later, need to deal with it.

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day to y'all!
hahahaha.. So how's your CNY? Got a lot of money right? Well, I got a lot too, but I've been spending 1/4 of it wtf.
And so how's your valentine's day? Is it PINK or is it BLACK like mine? lol.
I won't tell you why, but it's kinda complicated.

This year may be the most hardest part of my entire year, last year, you know the hardest part is the broke-up part, and how I try to moveon, how I try to deal with it, how I've changed so much, etc. IT'S SO FUCKIN' ANNOYING and I feel like I'm going crazy some times. Thank God I'm not, not yet. LOL. Thanks to my bff who keep supporting me.
I barely don't know what I have to do, and don't know who I can talked to, seems like nobody's understand me more than myself. I laugh a lot, I cry a LOT, get mad, mood-swing, annoying, oh whatever.

This year, I get a lot of lessons. I try to be more mature this year, mentally. Well, I know I am still 20 and 21 wannabe this year, but feels like I've been through a lot of drama, shit I hate drama!! I live in reality, not in a drama, so those who's a drama-queen or king, get lost. LOLOLOLL!

It drained so much tears, so much anger, so much logic in past few months back then. Sometime I feel so tired, told ya I had a badluck, especially when it comes to love. Well, unlucky, enough said. I wish I could really tell you all of my problems, and whatever that goes in my mind right now.

Well enough said for now, wish you all had a great day!


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