Friday, February 1, 2013

February in love

Hello everyone,
long time didn't see y'all, OMG time really flies, I couldn't believe that it's already February, well you know that February is the month of LOVE, spell it L.O.V.E, Valentine's day in few weeks again, and it's almost Chinese New Year, you got money honey. #hahaha

Well okay don't ask me anything, I know I am single, so there's no different between valentine and any other days okay, wtf, please don't laugh okay..
I have no idea though, I just wait for my friend to come back from Singapore on Feb'13th, and we can celebrate it together, as always.. Single Party #lol

Okay, I don't say much this time, just give some early greetings to my readers here in the first day of February.. :)

I'm so in love with houndstooth pattern ♥


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