Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A fresh new start

Hello everyone,
it's been so long since the last post right, sorry for my absent during few weeks, kinda stressed out with some more things and problems. yeah you know nobody can escape from problems etc.

So yeah I'm finally attended my very first beauty class 2 days ago, and it's so interesting! Thumbs up! I learned how to draw an eyebrows, I mean the right technique, well it's kinda frustrating at first, my instructor name is Ms.Wiwid, idk how to spell her name (sorry if I'm wrong). Some of the students told me that they're all have the same problems with eyebrows, which mean drawing an eyebrows can take a few days to learn, the right angle, the high point, oh whatever. HAHAHA, first I thought that drawing an eyebrows is way too easy but HELL NO, it's so hard to get the same arch and how to blend it. OMG, but thank God I can, hahaha well did it for a few times but I passed on the first day. *sigh*

Ah the fun part is when I met my high school friend there, well she's my friends cousin. I'm older than her actually. LOL. Skip the "old" sentence okay! I'm still young lah.. :p
Then, she asked me to be her model yesterday (05.03.2013), I'm still in basic class, so now I'm on holiday till 20th March because they're going to had a final exam, they're on Bridal class. Ahh my first day on course and get an opportunity to be her model. LOL

Enough said, here's some pictures of Me and Her with the FULL makeup on LOLOLOLL!
Oh anyway, her name is Ivone. She's doing my makeup and my hair, with the help from Ms.Ve (idk her full name but everyone's called her like that :p)
Check it out, go on take a look :)

tryin' some models poses and it's an epic fail LOL

Beautiful or not? HAHAHA Imma little bit narcissism as always. Well it's already on my nature LOLOLOLOLL! ;) She used 4 layers of fake eyelashes here OMG, can you imagine how heavy it is, but it looks so damn gorgeous on pic! Please use it if you want to look more dramatic, but I prefer one pair of eyelashes for daily basis or you may look too much (you could say... LEBAY) hahaha :D

Well enough for now,
I'll see ya guys more soon :)


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