Friday, May 3, 2013

My First Experience

Hello everyone, 
so yesterday I got a "teaser" make-up job at Tunjungan Plaza, it's Surabaya Fashion Parade (SFP).
My first client name is Laura. :D
And just so you know, this was my very first experience everrrrrr, OMG

I am so nervous yesterday, but gladly my client is a kind & calm person, and also her model, Ratna. :)
OH thank God, it turns out okay & kinda nice,
eventhough there's a lot of MUA works there.
So here's the pictures of Laura & Ratna.
Go on take a look!



Sorry for the bad lighting, it's in the parking lot *wtf*
Well I kinda love this girl, she's sweet, and kind :D
Thanks a bunch Ce Laura for trusting me to do the make-up!
Waiting for the photoshoot soon :)


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