Monday, June 11, 2012

Engagement ♥

Hello everyone,
hahahaha don't take it seriously, it's not MY engagement day!!!!! *not yet wtf* #LOLOLOLL!!
It's my friend engagement party :D
so yesterday I've been attending my best friend Engagement party at Zhang Palace, Surabaya.
OH just so you know, the place is way TOO awesomeeeeee *hell yeah I'm so lebay (FYI: lebay means too much).

Her name is Angela, and her BF name is Anthonius (call him Anton). Oh yeah, her dress was mad gorgeous, I love it from the first time I saw her wearing her dress. :D
And she's 22 this year FYI, I'm still 19, going to 20 this year, oh yes she is my senior when we're in the same school, I call her sister (jie2). She's mad pretty and gorgeous that evening. hahaha I'm in love #LOLOLOLL!

Take a look, I've got some pictures of her and her future hubby :p

All of the photos taken by my friend, Chesoen. *except the last two photos* (AureA photography) *click for more details & booking info*

 Happy Engagement dear Sister
wishing you BOTH the best!


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