Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Grand Opening Party of CALAiS

 Hello everyone,
beware long blogpost below! :D

So as I promised you,
today's post is ALL about the event of CALAiS Grand Opening Party last week! :D
It's totally AWESOME,
and yeah I've met a lot of people there ;)
Lots of Indonesian blogger too!

Check out this awesome doodles art work below..

My fave!

And here's the overall guests that day..
I took it from the above cause I didn't get any tables there, it's too crowd, yeah you know..

Here's some photos of me and my fellas during the party, we have a lot of fun! Yayy..
from left to right: Angela, Cynthia, Alam

from left to right: Trifena, Gabriella, Me, Deviana, and Lili

from left to right: Me, Gabriella, Sherly, Kriztiana, and Chrysella

Let me Introduce you to the owner, Chrysella, one of my bestfriend and partner in crime.. with Ferry (no no it's not her boyfie FYI)

This is Kriztiana and her boyfie Febrian..

thanks to those who snapped some candid pictures of us :p

Jeffry (Cynthia's brother)

Febrian (Kriztiana's boyfie)

Weird face of Angela #LOL

And here's some pictures of US (Sherly, Gabriella, Kriztiana, and Me) we're so so so narcism that day :p

from the above (left-right):
 Deviana, Trifena, Me, Lili, Sherly, Chrysella, Gabriella, Cynthia, Kriztiana, Febrian, Alam, Alvin, Nadya, Angela, Jeffry, and Ferry.

and also thanks to Chesoen who took this pictures with his Lomo camera ;D

Me, Sherly, Gabriella, Kriztiana

Cynthia, Me, Angela, Nadya

 Gabriella, Me, Angela, Nadya, and Chesoen

Thanks CALAiS!
be more succeed and god bless!

come and visit
Grand City Mall #LG-15, Surabaya
Open Hours:
Monday to Sunday
10 a.m - 10 p.m

LIKE their FACEBOOK page


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