Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Someone who loves you ♥

The characteristics of people who love you :

1. Someone who loves you, cannot give a reason why, he loves you.
He just knew, in the eyes of her, you're the only..

2. Someone who loves you, actually always makes you mad, mad, upset, stress.
But he never knew it was stupid what he did, because all he did was for your own good..

3. Someone who loves you, seldom praise, but on his heart you are the best, only he knew..

4. Someone who loves you, will get angry or complain if you do not reply to the message or phone him, because he cares and he does not want anything to happen to you..

5. Someone who loves you, just drop a tear in front of you.
When you try to wipe away the tears, you have touched his heart, where his heart was pounding, pulsating, vibrating to you..

Someone who loves you, will remember every word that you say, even accidentally, and he will always use those words in time..

7. Someone who loves you, will not give any promise easily, because he did not want to break his promise.
He wants you to trust him and he wanted to live the most happy and secure for ever..

8. Someone who loves you, may not be able to remember events or special occasions, like birthday celebrations, but he knew that every second that he went through, he loves you, no matter what day is today..

9. Someone who loves you, do not want to say I love you with easy, because everything he does for you is to show that he was ready to love you, but only he who will say the words "I LOVE YOU" in a special situation, because he does not want you misunderstand, he wants you to know that he loves you..

10. Someone who really - really love you, will feel that something should be said just once, because he thinks that you have understood him.
If you say too much, he will feel that nothing will make her happy and smiling..

11. Someone who loves you, will go to the airport to pick you up, he will not call you with a bunch of roses and affection as you would expect.
But, he will bring your suitcase and asked: "Why did you become thinner in 2 days?"
With a sincere heart..

12. Someone who loves you, do not know whether he should call you when you're angry, but it sends a message after a few hours. 
If you ask: why is it too late to call
he will say: When you're angry, his explanation of all the rubbish.
But, when you've calmed down, a new explanation would be right - right to work and be useful..

13. Someone who loves you, will always keep all objects - objects that you have given, even a small paper that read 'I LOVE YOU' is in the wallet..

14. Someone who loves you, seldom said a romantic words.
But you know, 'kiss' has distributed all ...

15. Someone who loves you, will always try to make you smile and laugh even though sometimes confuse the way..

16. Someone who loves you, would bind the ever hurt your heart and guard it wholeheartedly so as not to hurt again and he will give you the best even have to hurt her own..

17. Someone who loves you, will be willing to release you to go if you are not happy with him and he will join his beloved happy even if you are happy with someone else..


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